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Faure Brothers Corporation is the parent of three 3rd party (public)  subsidiary warehouse operations.  The CEO and President is Amy Faure-Crohan – a granddaughter of one of the early operators and founders.   Amy’s father, Emile F., and his brothers, Lloyd and Herman took over the original business, Great Lakes Warehouse, when their father, Emile C. Faure, retired in 1946.  Amy’s husband, Craig Crohan, is Executive Vice President.

GREAT LAKES WAREHOUSE CORPORATION’s business originated in 1906 and was known as Great Lakes Storage Company.

The original building at 11 Industrial Road, Hammond IN provided warehousing for Albert Dickinson Company and Continental Seed Company of Hammond.  In 1923 the building was acquired from Continental Seed Company and the business was incorporated for the purpose of providing “general warehousing and storage of goods, wares, merchandise, grain and other commodities”.  It continues today providing the services identified in its Articles of Incorporation.

Today we have three specialized independent subsidiary companies to serve our customer needs.

Great Lakes Warehouse – Hammond IN and Calumet City IL.  Great Lakes originated in Hammond IN in 1906.  Today there are facilities in Hammond and Calumet City IL.  The original site is on the Illinois / Indiana border with the original facility on the IN side and newer facilities on the IL side.  Additional buildings and modifications include a 100,000 sq.ft. facility at 700 State Street, Calumet City IL purchased in 1999 and a new 52,000 sq.ft. tilt-up concrete building finished in 2000 on State Line Road, Calumet City IL.  Great Lakes Warehouse facilities support food grade clients and are AIB inspected and verified annually.

Illiana Transit Warehouse Corp. – Hammond IN originated in 1953.  The three buildings operated by Illiana in Hammond IN were originally part of the Pullman Rail complex.  It has nearly 240,000 sq.ft. in support of chemical and industrial clients.

Gateway Warehouse Co., Inc. – Calumet City IL – Originated in 1966.   Gateway started as a 25,000 sq.ft. build to suit in 1966.  Today it consists of 240,000 square feet which includes the 42,000 sq.ft. addition added in 2002 to connect Gateway and the new Great Lakes facility.  Gateway supports chemical and industrial clients.

Faure Brothers Corporation’s three campuses currently cover approximately 840,000 square feet.

Amy’s father passed away in 1980 and his son “Stoney” became President of the businesses.  When Stoney died suddenly in early 1981 Amy’s mother, Emily, and Amy took over operation of the warehouses – successfully operating them until Emily passed away in 1995.   At that time Amy became President and CEO and has seen the Faure Brothers Corporation continue to grow and expand.